Neuraxpharm Advocates World Schizophrenia Awareness Day


Neuraxpharm Advocates World Schizophrenia Awareness Day

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On World Schizophrenia Awareness Day, Neuraxpharm reaffirms its commitment to fostering understanding and support for those affected by schizophrenia as it launches an initiative to provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals, their families and communities.

Watch the video here, where Prof. Dr. Pierre Michel Llorca provides valuable insights into schizophrenia and offers guidance on how family members and friends can best support their loved ones when navigating this journey.

This initiative aligns with our mission to reduce stigma and enhance education of mental health disorders. By amplifying Prof. Llorca’s message, we aim to empower families and friends with the knowledge that they need to be strong advocates and sources of support.

Learn more about schizophrenia here: Schizophrenia – Neuraxpharm.