About Neuraxpharm

Neuraxpharm is a European leader in pharmaceuticals for disorders affecting the central nervous system (CNS). We are specialists in this field since 1985 and our more than 35 years’ experience bring a broad, unparalleled knowledge into our research and final products.

What drives us

We are experts in improving existing pharmaceutical forms and upgrading new products with the aim to deliver relevant improvements in the life and wellbeing of patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.

We are guided by excellence, scientific rigour, quality and perseverance.

We understand that central nervous system disorders greatly affect how a person feels, behaves, thinks and relates to others. Nothing motivates us more than enhancing their quality of life, and we work tirelessly, hand in hand with healthcare professionals and scientific communities across Europe.

What we do

Our portfolio comprises of more than 120 molecules, covering different options to treat Depression, Anxiety, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia/Psychosis and other central nervous system disorders.

With a focus on CNS, we develop and commercialize established brands, value added medicines, generics, Consumer Healthcare products, medical cannabis, beyond-the-pill solutions (digital health and medical devices) and orphan drugs. We are continuously striving to offer a wide range of effective, high quality and affordable CNS treatment options in Europe.

Our strategic principles

Market Presence

with sales forces in our main EU markets to strengthen our international position as a leader in CNS

R&D Investment

into a robust pipeline that broadens our CNS portfolio with differentiated products


with the European community of CNS patients and healthcare professionals

Value generation

from our international portfolio through the B2B selling of FDFs and APIs


via backward integration and strengthening operational excellence within the company

Start-up culture

with a strong focus on quality, collaboration and agility promoting smart solutions that differentiate us from our competitors

Neuraxpharm in figures

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Where we are

We have a direct presence in 20 countries in Europe, with teams that have deep expertise in the CNS market and are working tirelessly to cement relationships with healthcare professionals.

International Trade Business

We work with partners from around the globe, sharing the benefits of our long heritage in mental health and the central nervous system together with a wide offering in ten additional therapeutic areas. We focus in particular on the development of value-added products.

We work with an innate passion and perseverance to move health forward for our customers and patients across the globe.


Vertical integration

Vertically integrated value chain in an asset light business model

Neuraxpharm is vertically integrated from Molecule to Market, giving us, at the same time, the flexibility to launch value-added products swiftly and responding to market demand, while ensuring the highest quality standards and scientific solidity.

Neuraxpharm is vertically integrated from Molecule to Market

Internal know-how across the whole value chain enabling strong flexibility and insight