Helping to improve management of your epilepsy


LepsiApp, a trusted companion for you and your loved ones

LepsiApp is an application designed with and by healthcare professionals, with the objective to improve epilepsy management. It is a trustable and easy-to-use app that will help have a better knowledge about your state of health and pro-actively share the information with your healthcare professional.

Whether you are a caregiver to a younger child, an older child or adolescent or are living with epilepsy, the Lepsiapp can help you take better control of the condition.

Much more than an epilepsy seizure diary app

The functionalities that the app presents will allow you to share quickly and easily your clinical history, the type of crises, duration and it also generates evolution graphics that can be directly shared with your doctor. The main functionalities that the app presents are the following:


What do you need to start?

You can only access the app when your physician registers you through a secure private-access area. Then you can download the app via Apple Store or Google Play.

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