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CNS portfolio


Neuraxpharm has one of the most extensive product portfolios in CNS pharmaceuticals in Europe to offer patients
and medical specialists affordable cutting-edge CNS pharmaceuticals
  • full coverage of psychiatrists & neurologists Comprehensive marketed portfolio of >130 CNS molecules in all major categories
  • partner for specialist doctors Unique molecules in the market
  • Advisory board with 6 KOLs
Added value dosage forms and strengths
  • CNS foundation Cross-country synergies in portfolio
CNS pharmaceuticals
  • Our strength comes from offering one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in CNS pharmaceuticals in Europe
  • We offer a complete spectrum of therapeutic options in Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Antipsychotics, Depression and Alzheimer's as well as a growing portfolio in other CNS indications
  • Our product portfolio includes >130 CNS molecules in the categories of Analgesics, Antidementia agents, Antidepressants, Antiepileptics, Antiparkinson agents, Antipsychotics, Anxiolytics/Hypnotics and other CNS categories
Comprehensive marketed portfolio of >130 CNS molecules in all major categories
  • We are experts in improving existing pharmaceutical forms and in upgrading new products. In some cases, new patient-friendly products and formulations are developed at the request of, and in close consultation with, medical specialists

  • Our extensive portfolio includes not only high-turnover products and conventional pharmaceutical forms but, thanks to Neuraxpharm’s intense patient focus, we can also provide less popular preparations and offer products in a comprehensive, patient-friendly range of active substances in well-tolerated forms, along with a very wide range of dosages for personalised treatment
Unique molecules in the market

  • It is part of Neuraxpharm’s very identity to be able to offer patients and medical specialists affordable cutting-edge CNS drugs

  • Medicines are improved by innovative advancements in their pharmaceutical forms and by more practical dosing
cutting-edge CNS pharmaceuticals

  • The integration of all the companies within Neuraxpharm allows us to establish both growth and cross-business synergies in many strategic aspects such as R&D, manufacturing, procurement, cross-licensing and geographical expansion