International Trade Business

Moving forward CNS health with partners worldwide

We offer our fully-fledged FDF portfolio to partners around the globe, blending our strong heritage in mental health and the central nervous system with a wide offering in ten additional therapeutic areas. In particular, we devote our efforts to the development of value-added products with highly beneficial effects on the patients’ treatment. And we do it with an innate passion and perseverance to move health forward for our customers and patients across the globe.

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Partners worldwide
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Portfolio expansion by 2023

Forward with a broad portfolio

Nervous System

& immunomodulating agents

Alimentary tract
and metabolism

Genito urinary system
ans sex hormones

Musculo-skeletal system

Blood & blood
forming organs

Systemic hormonal preparations

Respiratory system


Antiinfectives for
systemic use

Sensory organs

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Moving forward with a broad portfolio

Our FDF portfolio comprises one of the broadest CNS offerings along with a complete range of most therapeutic areas. We offer more than 85 FDFs for 40 indications in more than 100 presentations and strengths. We also provide a wide range of nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Moving forward with innovative and market-leading brands

Offering value-added products is at our core. Our FDF portfolio includes a number of innovative presentations which improve patients’ treatments through easier dosing and better adherence. We also offer several renowned brands such as Buccolam® and Preventan® which are sound market-leaders in their segments.

Forward across the globe

As the international business unit of Neuraxpharm, we are continuously seeking new partners on a global level. We are now present in more than 35 countries and will be entering more than 10 new markets by 2022.

Moving forward in business: Our business models

License & supply agreements: Out-licensing

We out-license our products to 3rd parties on a worldwide level. Our portfolio covers CNS and most therapeutic areas, with more than 85 EU/US CTD dossiers.

Distribution agreements

If you are interested in distributing our products in your country, we also offer distribution agreements, both exclusive and non-exclusive.

Flexible models

We are open to discuss any other partnership model you are looking for. Just reach out!

Moving forward with our partners

Forty years in the pharmaceutical sector have enabled us to create decades-long relationships with our partners, reflecting our flexibility and strong customer orientation. We currently work with more than 100 partners on a European and worldwide level.

Moving forward together: Here’s why

Value-added products are our backbone

We commit ourselves to improving patients’ health and lives. That’s why we offer value-added FDFs and market-leading brands that enhance their treatments. Our one-of-a-kind portfolio comprises CNS products along with a complete offering in most therapeutic areas.

Highly-valued customer service

Flexibility and customer orientation throughout the whole value chain are embedded in our culture. We deliver the API or FDF you are looking for, ensure highest quality through our own manufacturing facilities, offer a broad scope of presentations and always deliver on time.

Global reach

Our European heritage makes us experts in highly regulated markets and thus a solid partner to operate across the world.

Our regulatory teams are behind our commercial activities to support the partners’ local registration procedures in the licensed territories.

Ready to move forward?

Please leave us a message and we promise to come back to you very quickly!

Sensory organs

Ocular hypertension

Dry eyes

Respiratory system

Seasonal allergic rhinitis

Asthma, allergic rhinitis

Musculo-skeletal system


Antiinfectives for systemic use

Bacterial infections


Genitourinary system and sex hormones

Overactive bladder

Cardiovascular system


Blood & blood forming organs

Acute coronary syndrome

Risk of heart disease & stroke


Alimentary tract and metabolism


Irritbale bowel síndrome

Primary biliary cirrhosis

Nervous System

Agitation and restlessness



Chronic pain


Depression/ anxiety



Multiple sclerosis

Muscle relaxant

Myasthenia gravis


Neurophatic pain

Opioid dependence


Parkinson disease & restless legs

Psychomotor agitation & sleep disorder


Psychotic disorders


Schizophrenia & bipolar disorders

Severe pain

Sleep disorders & psychomotor restlessness


Tardive dyskinesia, Huntington