We believe that transparency and trust are essential to the sustainability and long-term success of the company. With this aim, Neuraxpharm has made available a secure and confidential contact process, the Ethics and Compliance Channel.

This channel offers an opportunity for employees, customers, suppliers and other external partners to notify us of illegal behavior such as anticompetitive practices, breach of environmental regulations, harassment, corruption and discrimination as well as dubious activities in their environment or behavior that do not conform to our Code of Ethics.

Submit your report

You may choose to submit your report through the email compliancecommittee@neuraxpharm.com or using the form below.

You may choose to submit your report anonymously or to include your name. Since we endeavor to maintain open communication, we would be pleased if you reveal your identity and we encourage you to do so.

Our Ethics and Compliance Channel is governed, among others, by the principles of fairness, presumption of innocence, proportionality and protection of the informant. The information received will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

In case that you desire to report by phone, please leave your phone number, and we will gladly call you back.