Training Capsules

Training Capsules

Do you want to enhance your current knowledge on neurological or psychiatric disorders? Our online training capsules, developed with the support of experts in their field, cover a wide variety of subjects and are catered for your professional development.


The quarantine period experienced by our country, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, represented a unique event that put a strain on the resilience of our health system which found itself having to make decisions that impact everyone’s life. Among those who have paid the most for this price there are certainly older patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as dementia in its various expressions.


Status epilepticus (SE) is a medical emergency that carries the risk of death, permanent neurological injury or epilepsy. The purpose of the course is to highlight critical issues related to SE. Furthermore, there is a need to create a collaboration bridge between professionals to guarantee a concerted follow-up of the patient in the development phase and to create an information network continues among the various specialists.